Screenplay By: Andrea Prescott
Writer's Guild of America Number: 1262681



American Spirit is about a young teenager who is constantly bullied
and changes his destiny with lessons learned from the past.


Len is a troubled American Indian teenager living in small town
South Dakota. The local high school bullies lie in wait for him
and his white girlfriend on their way home from school.

His girlfriend's father forbids his daughter from even talking
to Len -- and Len's father sides with him! While his mother is
sympathetic, she is powerless to help. The weight of hundreds
of years of discrimination weighs heavily on Len,
and he yearns to rebel.

Only his grandfather, who lives with the family,
has an ear for young Len's plight, but just as Len seems to be
achieving new understanding about his heritage, his grandfather
dies, leaving Len with memories, an ancient Indian flute and
a journal that tells an amazing story of a brave white man
and a beautiful Indian maiden that took place during the
American Civil War.

Additional work in production: Contained